Good Team helps you attract visitors, convert leads, and maintain customer success with HubSpot.

growth marketing

Good Team works with companies looking to expand their sales teams, but are struggling to manage their lead generation strategy within HubSpot.

Not only do we organize and manage your HubSpot, we also build sales funnels to generate and nurture leads for your sales team to close.

Through goal-centered reporting and clear communication our focus is ethical marketing and transparency which results in a clear return on your investment.

Good Team is a HubSpot Certified Partner, meaning you'll be working with an agency trained on the most up-to-date strategies, you'll have dedicated support, and expert guidance in growing your business online.

Provident Commercial Finance's experience with a HubSpot:

Jason Langston

Partner, Provident Commercial Finance


"Good Team has proven to be an excellent partner. Developing marketing strategies and working closely with our Sales staff, GoodTeam has created automations that have enabled tremendous growth for our company. Top notch customer service and incredible results. I would recommend them to any business looking for a marketing partner."

Talley Clower

Partner, Provident Commercial Finance


"They helped develop marketing templates, automated appointment scheduling, workflows, automated email follow ups to keep prospects moving through the sales funnel, and more. Without Good Team we would not be experiencing the record growth we have today...We found Good Team to be a sales vertical all to itself."

What we did:

Provident came to us with a need to nurture leads they were generating, organize their HubSpot CRM, and help provide support to their sales reps in using HubSpot. Through email nurturing workflows, automation based on lifecycle stage, and sales pipeline support with deals we they saw a 10x ROI on their marketing investment in 2021. Not only did they generate more revenue, they have a company-wide understanding of the marketing to sales handoff and they are working as a well-oiled machine to attract, engage, and delight customers into coming back and bringing their friends.

The results:

In 2021 Provident made $10 on every $1 they spent with Good Team. When it was all said and done, they saw over $150,000 in revenue come from an email marketing strategy that worked in sync with their BDOs. More importantly, they have a marketing and sales strategy that is working in harmony with their company's growth.

Our Services

Through either Growth Marketing or Content Marketing, We partner with you to create goal-centered strategy and content to help you generate more leads and grow your business. Click on a service to learn more.

Buyer Persona Development

Social Media Management

Blogging, Video, Post Creation

Campaign Planning & Management

Lead Nurturing & Automation

Sales Support & CRM Management

The Good Team Staff


Frances Gunn - Owner

Frances started Good Team in 2020, with a passion to provide clear and measurable company growth through ethical marketing. With a desire to see the full picture in marketing, she started working for an agency and gained the experience and expertise to understand how to attract, engage, and delight customers to help businesses grow. With that knowledge she saw the opportunity to start Good Team and become a HubSpot Certified Partner.


Megan Nichols - Marketing Strategist

You need an effect strategy to exceed your business growth goals, from Megan's experience in marketing she's learned the principles behind a sales funnel that grows your business, email copy that converts customers, or a website strategy that helps position your company as the solution.

As a strategist, Megan assists in creating the most effective strategy for your campaign, collateral, or ad. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 1.54.22 PM

Adrienne Huss - Paid Media Specialist

If your business needs paid ads, you'll be working with Adrienne. Her attention to detail means you won't overspend on your leads, you'll be targeting the right people, and your company message won't be lost.

She's also a contributing writer for Good Team, she supports our clients and us through blogs, emails, e-books, and other forms of marketing collateral.

The Good

If you've ever tried to find a trustworthy freelancer, you know it can be risky and difficult. We'll be upfront that our team is made up of freelancers and contractors that provide good and honest work. We partner with them so you don't have to worry about hiring someone that doesn't have a lot of experience or worse, isn't going to follow through.

Austin Rowe - Website Developer

Austin writes software that solves problems. Most problems that a business might have can generally be helped, if not solved, with some form of software to automate a task or a step in the business process.

Austin has partnered with Good Team and become a vital part of our offering website development, he's the mastermind behind the simplicity and effectiveness of your future website.

Meghan Katzenberger - Content Writer

Meghan graduated with a degree in history from the University of Tennessee. She was drawn to create content and copy as a way to further her passion for research and writing. Her priority is to produce timely work that is simple, elegant, and piques the interest of potential clients.