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Here's what to expect when you download our DIY HubSpot Audit:

DIY HubSpot Audit

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What you will learn

HubSpot Data

Check and make sure your data is moving throughout your HubSpot account like it should! Videos include: Connecting domains, installing tracking codes, setting user teams and permissions.

HubSpot Sales

If you're paying for a Sales subscription, we will walk through all of the features you should be using! Videos include: Connecting inboxes, deals, tasks, goals, products, and quotes.

HubSpot Marketing

Regardless of the version of Marketing Hub that you're using, you'll learn how to make the most out of it! Videos include: Monitoring and Optimizing Campaigns, Emails, and SEO.

HubSpot Service

You'll learn how to streamline your customer success team! Videos include: Setting up SLAs, Ticket Pipelines, and Knowledge Base articles.

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