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As a small business owner, getting into growth marketing can be overwhelming. This free ebook is our attempt to lend a helping hand...

You don’t have to learn how to grow your business alone, finding the right next step is easier and cheaper than you think. In this ebook you'll learn things like:

Your Buyer's Journey

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Growth Marketing Explained

And More...

Free Ebook: The Complete Guide for small businesses getting started with Growth Marketing

Who would enjoy this ebook:

If you're on the fence about where and how you should invest your marketing dollars (if at all), this ebook is designed to help guide you through those decisions.

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Business Owners

This guide will give you the next steps to grow your business. It will help you understand the importance of personas, The Buyers’ Journey, inbound marketing, the flywheel, growth marketing and introduce you to all the tools you need to be successful like your own Ebook, your Website, Facebook, and Email.


Learning about your dream customer-- what challenges they face in their daily lives, where they live, how much money they make, etc.-- helps you attract the customers that will get the most from your product or brand, making them your most valued customers because they are likely to come back for more.

Marketing Directors

For an effective strategy that will be scalable over time, you have to have both valuable customer-centered content (inbound) working alongside sales strategies (growth) to make sure the lead is taken care of through the Buyer’s Journey. Growth marketing uses experiments to create the most effective and cost-effective ways to grow the business.

About Good Team

Good Team partners with you to get the best return on your marketing spend. If it isn't resulting in sales, it isn't worth it. Whether it's Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, or CRM Support we help you use digital marketing to find your perfect customer and keep them coming back.

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Managed over $100k in ad spend

Helped to generate over 5,000 leads in 2020

HubSpot Certified Partner

Frances Gunn, Owner of Good Team

Customers we couldn't live without:

Brandon B.

Director, Kids Unlimited Learning Center
Birmingham, Alabama


“Good Team was instrumental in helping us get our new Learning Center off the ground. The ad campaigns they custom designed were easily the most impactful tool we used to grow our business!”

Jacob W.

Senior Strategist, Whiteboard
Chattanooga, Tennessee


"Good Team was instrumental in re-aligning HubSpot to a client's shifting business model. They jumped in quickly, communicated well, and got us an audit of the HubSpot instance that's helping our client resume operations and run smoother than ever."

Gabby S.

Sales Manager, Provident Commercial Finance
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Gabby Silva

"They have made my work flow much smoother and have been able to close more deals faster and efficiently... Highly recommended them to any company needing to excel their business. Good Team is the one to do it."