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$3,500 In-Depth HubSpot Audit

Watch the video below to see an example of what you'll get when you purchase a HubSpot Audit from Good Team.

120-Point HubSpot Audit delivered via Spreadsheet

3 Goals with Clear Next Steps

Prioritized Items (High, Medium, Low Priority)

Recommendations on Current Strategies

Quick Win Suggestions

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What to expect:

"Good Team is good people helping you do HubSpot better, which means they're helping you grow better... so you've got nothing to lose"

Marc from HubSpot Academy

Step #1

Before the audit, we'll have a quick call to get to know your company and explain our audit process.

Step #2

Good Team will run a 120-point inspection on your HubSpot portal, going Hub by Hub to find areas of improvement. Delivered with 1 week of our meeting.

Step #3

Once the audit is complete, we'll schedule a 1-hour walkthrough meeting  to plan and troubleshoot Audit results.

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Can you relate?


It's been a few years since you setup your portal and you need an outside perspective to validate your psystem.


There have been some changes to your company internally and there are gaps you're trying to fill.


You've run into a few roadblocks and need support on the best plan of action forward.


It's time for a spring cleaning and you don't have time right now to sit down and go through every part of your portal.

Don't miss out on the chance to make your HubSpot the best!

Find some time to meet with Good Team and we'll find areas of improvement in your portal within a week.