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Exceeding your growth goals starts with an effective marketing strategy, that's why we offer a strategy workshop.

Before you invest thousands of dollars into marketing, it's important to understand the following: Who you're selling to, the steps they take to becoming a promoting customer, your goals, and how to scale what works. This 4-hour strategy session is a great place to start.

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Customers we couldn't live without:

Brandon B.

Director, Kids Unlimited Learning Center
Birmingham, Alabama


“Good Team was instrumental in helping us get our new Learning Center off the ground. The ad campaigns they custom designed were easily the most impactful tool we used to grow our business!”

Jacob W.

Senior Strategist, Whiteboard
Chattanooga, Tennessee


"Good Team was instrumental in re-aligning HubSpot to a client's shifting business model. They jumped in quickly, communicated well, and got us an audit of the HubSpot instance that's helping our client resume operations and run smoother than ever."

Gabby S.

Sales Manager, Provident Commercial Finance
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Gabby Silva

"They have made my work flow much smoother and have been able to close more deals faster and efficiently... Highly recommended them to any company needing to excel their business. Good Team is the one to do it."

What the workshop will be like

What it costs: 3-hours, $899 (money-back guarantee)

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Worksheet 1: Duplicating Your Perfect Customer

Worksheet 2: Building a Sales Funnel

Worksheet 3: Setting your Growth Goals

Worksheet 4: 90 Day Marketing Plan

In this strategy workshop (whether in-person or via video chat) we'll take the time that is needed to dig into generating more customers for you by leveraging online marketing. We'll discover who and what is behind you accomplishing your business growth goals.

By the end of the workshop you'll have clarity on next steps, whether that's to invest in digital marketing with your time or money. Our goal is to help guide you through the process of understanding the value of digital marketing on your business, and whether now is the time to invest in it or not.

About Good Team

Good Team partners with you to get the best return on your marketing spend. If it isn't resulting in sales, it isn't worth it. Whether it's Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, or CRM Support we help you use digital marketing to find your perfect customer and keep them coming back.

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Managed over $100k in ad spend

Helped to generate over 5,000 leads in 2020

HubSpot Certified Partner

Frances Gunn, Owner of Good Team