How to Create and CRUSH Sales Goals with Hubspot

sales goals with hubspot

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Adrienne Huss

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March 30, 2022

Create and crush sales goals with Hubspot. Let’s start with why creating sales goals is important. A Harvard Business study recently found that only 14% of the population have a goal in mind. Far fewer–only 3%–write those goals down. For the 14% of the population with goals, researchers noted a 10x increase in success over the general population.


The 3% who wrote down their goals were 3x as successful as the other 14%, or 30x over the group with no plans. The power of writing down your goals is undeniable, but making sure that you accomplish them is a more difficult task.


That’s why we wanted to discuss some best practices for creating and crushing your sales goals in HubSpot.

How to Create Sales Goals

To create goals for your team on HubSpot, use the following process:


  • Click Settings on the main navigation bar.
  • Navigate to Tracking & Analytics and then to Goals.
  • Click Create.
  • Select Type of goal from the dropdown menu along with Sales or Services.
  • Select a goal to measure from the measurement dropdown menu.
  • Select the users you would like to attach to the goal.
  • Click Add.
  • Edit each user’s goal and values for the months it applies to and click Create goal.
  • If you want your goal to be the same all year, you can click Apply to remainder of year. Afterward, click Save.

Creating Goals You Can Crush

When designing a goal strategy for your team, the tendency is often to over-reach or under-shoot. A goal that isn’t attainable is not helpful to the greater strategy. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that you are creating SMART goals for yourself.


SMART is an acronym that stands for:


  • Specific – Don’t let your goals be vague. Instead of saying that you would like to increase sales, state the percentage or dollar amount you want to improve. It is essential to know when you have accomplished your goal.
  • Measurable – Your goal must have some metric from which you can pull. Note the indicators that will help show whether or not your plan is progressing.
  • Attainable – What can you realistically accomplish? It’s of no use to create a lofty goal that is not reachable. Plot a course from where you are to where you are going and see if the two can connect.
  • Relevant – Your goal must directly relate to and impact your business. Take an honest look at the concerns of your goals and see which will be most relevant to you.
  • Time-Bound – The best goals have a deadline for completion and a timeline for milestones along the way.


Businesses can make their goals more meaningful and reachable by keeping these key elements in mind.

Other Best Practices

There are many different ways to create great sales goals in HubSpot. Some things to keep in mind for sales goals include:

Create Collective Goals

While businesses operate in compartmental sections, it’s crucial to bring the company together. Setting a collective goal helps remind everyone that they’re playing on the same team. Incentivize these goals and watch as the different sections of your business come together to accomplish them!

Set Waterfall Goals

Large or sudden changes are often more difficult to manage. Waterfall goals take those and break them into smaller sections. If you wanted to increase sales by 50%, it might be easier to set goals for 10% increments. Easier-to-digest changes give teams confidence unlike larger goals, which can scare them away.

Set Activity Goals

Incentivizing the work that goes into making the sale will also result in more sales. Set goals for phone calls, emails, client interactions, and other activities that go into a successful salesperson.

Stretch Sales Goals

Reward those that go above and beyond. Stretch sales goals let your salespeople know the number of sales that they can hope for. While this number will not be required, it will set a bar for an impressive month, quarter, or beyond.

Monitor Goal Progression

Regularly monitor and report on the progress of your sales goals. The further away you get from the moment you missed the mark, the more off-course you will become. Spot insufficiencies in your progress early so they are easier to correct.

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