Hue: How Automation Helped this Growing Company Stay Lean

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Industry: Software Development for Beauty

Company Size: Small Business (5-10 employees)

Location: Massachusetts

Use Case:

  • Custom Properties
  • Deal Pipeline Automation
  • Emails and Texting in Workflows

Hubs Used: Marketing and Sales

Package with Good Team: HubSpot Support


The Details...

The Problem:

This startup needed to automate everything. From gathering data, fulfilling shipments, to getting feedback surveys submitted.

Good Team's Answer:

Hue came to us in the Spring of 2022 looking for someone to set up their HubSpot. They had been running everything off of a Shopify site but needed more customization and automation in their process. The first step was to make sure the data coming into their instance was clean and organized in a way that the automations 3 steps down wouldn't miss-fire. That meant lots of custom properties... and no single-line text.

Over 300 custom properties later and the Deal Pipelines were ready to be setup.


The Automation:

What value has the partnership brought to Hue's system?

Hue has gone from:

  • Using multiple softwares to generate and store data
  • Not being able to integrate those softwares with one another
  • Manually inputting data into our custom dashboards
  • Not being able to track where contacts are

Good Team stepped in and helped organize the data before it even entered HubSpot. Then took what they learned from the cleanup and tailored Hue's HubSpot portal for the initial upload. Once the data entered their portal the fun started, building workflows, pipelines, and content to help Hue's customers have clear steps throughout the journey.

Building out 60 workflows seems really big and complex, but you would never know it because of how Good Team was able to organize and execute everything quickly and seamlessly while Hue worked on other areas of their business.


The Result

What are the benefits since working with Good Team?

After 11 months of working with Hue we've been able to create a duplicatable system. As their company grows and they sign with new beauty brands, we are able to quickly build out campaigns and pipelines with confidence. Documented processes and clear steps with how the data is used means that we aren't wasting time re-writing the system every 3 months.

We celebrate as they grow because we all know what it will look like as Hue scales with HubSpot and Good Team.

About Hue:

Hue helps you embed user-generated videos on your marketing channels. Shoppable videos featuring authentic testimonials from everyday people gives customers confidence to add to cart. Why? User-generated video content from someone with a similar skin tone, skin type, hair color, etc. gives people social proof that products work for them.

Beauty is personal, and finding products that honor your uniqueness can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This experience is what bonded us as founders, who have each experienced the challenge of finding beauty products IRL and online. We are delighted to build solutions to shopping for beauty, so that anyone, anywhere can find the perfect products and feel that they are represented in beauty. We know your dream foundation, facial moisturizer and everything in between is out there - let’s find them, together.

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