How to Round Robin in HubSpot

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April 6, 2022

How to Round Robin (Rotate Contact Owner) in HubSpot

How to setup a contact rotation or round robin in HubSpot.

Some people call contact rotation a “round robin” to distribute leads evenly for anyone that needs to work them.

You’d want to do this if:

  • You have multiple sales reps on a team
  • You want to divide contacts when you upload a new list

How to:

  1. Go to create workflow
  2. Name workflow
  3. Trigger workflow with Form Submission
  4. Assignment- rotate contact to owner
  5. Check sales teams
  6. Review and publish


That’s it! Now you know how to rotate contact owners in HubSpot.

Thanks for watching and I hope that helped!

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If you aren’t able to watch How to Round Robin in HubSpot, read the captions here:

Hello Today we are
going to show you
how to set up a contact
rotation within a workflow.
So the reason why
you’d want to use this
would probably be if you have
multiple sales reps on a team
or if you want to
divvy out contacts
when you upload a new list.
So some people call
this a round Robin.
That’s what we
call it internally.
But basically what it
will do is over time
we’ll distribute leads
evenly between anybody
who needs to work them
or needs to be assigned.
So if you go to workflows
and click Create workflows.
What we’re going to do is
create from scratch content
based workflow.

I’m going to name
this round Robin.
Test and then you’re
going to click Next.
From there, there’s
a couple of ways
that you could
trigger this workflow.
You could either have
a list that’s uploaded
or a form that’s been submitted.
If there are contacts
that already exist,
you could also do
behavior based triggers.
But for this example, we’re
going to do form submissions.
So we’ll say that the
form is this test form
that we’ve created, and it’s
going to be that the content is
filled out on any page.
Save all right, so contact
has submitted a form.
Now, what we want
to do is we want
to rotate that contact
between our sales
reps to make sure that
they have ownership
and our sales are notified.

So you’re going to go
down to assignment rotate
record to owner.
And what you’re
going to be editing
is the contact owner
property within HubSpot.
If the contract
already has an owner
and you don’t want to
change the ownership,
sometimes there’s
an old employee
or you do want to overwrite.
But in the case
that you don’t want
to override the
contact ownership,
you’re going to
click this checkbox.
So you can rotate it
between a specific person
or between a specific team.
What we typically
do is sales teams,
and the reason why we use sales
teams and not specific people
is if over time your
sales team changes or you
have hires or new
hires, then you can just
add the folks to your
sales team instead
of having to go through
every single workflow
and edit who is being rotated.

So we recommend
doing sales teams
or just creating
teams in general.
So once you’ve
selected all that,
you’re going to click Save.
And what will happen from
here is anytime a contact
submits a form, it’s
going to evenly rotate
between the three folks that
are on the sales team, team
within HubSpot.
And then from there you can
create a normal workflow.
Maybe you want to
set an event branch
to send an email or
a Slack notification,
or you want to send an
internal email notification
to a the contact owner.

And there’s really a lot
of stuff that you can do,
but from there you just review
and publish and make sure
that your workflow is live.
Something you may want to
consider is the enrollment.
If you want.

If you know that
contacts may be filling
out forms multiple
times and you do
want to rotate those
contacts multiple times,
make sure that you allow
contacts to meet who
meet that trigger to re enroll.
If you don’t want
them to re-enroll
and they already
have a contact owner,
then you don’t have
to worry about that.
But sometimes you may want that.

So that’s how you create around
Robin within HubSpot workflows.

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