How to Create Workflows in HubSpot

Create Workflows in hubspot

Written by

Frances Neese

Created on

May 26, 2023

How to Create Workflows in HubSpot


Here are the steps to create workflows in HubSpot:

  1. Contact-based Start from scratch
  2. Name it, and set up triggers
  3. Exploring the options according to your needs


 That’s it! Now you know how to create workflows in HubSpot!


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Hey, it’s Megan from good team.
I want to talk to you today
about HubSpot workflows.
So sometimes we’ll
get clients who are
intimidated to use workflows.
It can be intimidating.
There’s a lot of things
you can do with it,
and they’re
automatically going out.
So you don’t want them
to contradict each other
and you want to
make sure people are
getting the right triggers
and the right emails
at the right time.
But you can start
small and we always
highly recommend testing
before your workflow goes live.
You can do anything to workflow
and it won’t affect anything
in HubSpot until it is live.
So we’re going to
start today by just
creating a simple workflow.
We also want to
talk about the fact
that you can use workflows for
so much more than just emails.
So yes, email is the
biggest thing to use it for,
but there are so
many other things
that you can automate
in your HubSpot that
will be super helpful for your
sales or marketing process.
So we are going to start
with just this contact based
start from scratch
workflow, let’s name it.
And 204 marketing
qualified lead.
So let’s say you have a form
that once someone fills out
that form, you want
them to be assigned
as a marketing qualified lead
and then added to a list.
You can do all that
through a workflow.
So starting with the trigger.
So setting up a trigger
is telling the contacts
that at something is going to
force them into this workflow.
So it could be a
form fill, it could
be if they’re assigned a
marketing qualified lead,
it could be that
they opened an email.
It could be so many things.
There are so many
options here and you
can peruse them and just
kind of see your options.
But we are going
to do a form fill.
So let’s say they filled
out this random form
and we’ll save that.
And then.
We are going to.
Assign them to be.
A marketing qualified lead.
So we’re going to say
set property value
and this is going to
be a lifecycle stage.
As a marketing qualified lead.
So now we know that anyone
that fills out this form
will immediately be updated
as a marketing qualified lead
in HubSpot.
So another thing you
can do is a delay.
So we’ll just do that
for practice delay
for a certain amount of time.
Let’s do two hours.
So maybe two hours.
These leads will go
into a static list.
And that is added
to a static list.
We don’t have one here.
But you can create one
and assign it there.
So once you have a static
list, you can add it.
But these are just
a few of the things
you can do with a
HubSpot workflow.
And again, you can test
it before it goes live.
You can check out the alerts.
They’ll alert you if
something needs to be changed.
There’s a lot more to
workflows than just that,
but that is just a simple
overview of just starting out.
Simple creating something.
Yeah let us know if
you have any questions
or put comments below this
video and we will talk to you.

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