How to Grow Your Business Through a Clear Buyer’s Journey (Tips from a Chattanooga HubSpot Agency)

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November 12, 2021

For any business, the end goal is gathering customers who engage with your products/services and ultimately come to a purchasing decision. This decision, however, is not a simple one. There is a path every buyer takes from the moment they become aware of a need or want until the moment they satisfy it. If you’re familiar with HubSpot, you’ve probably heard about their Buyer’s Journey. We’re a Chattanooga HubSpot agency and we’ve seen this strategy really work.

The Buyer’s Journey will allow your business to position itself in the most advantageous position for growing your brand and turning potential buyers into satisfied customers.

What are the steps of the Buyer’s Journey?

To develop a reliable marketing strategy, the Buyer’s Journey has been categorized into 3 distinct stages: the Awareness Stage, the Consideration Stage, and the Decision Stage. Let’s break down these concepts further to help make the approach clear.

  1. Awareness Stage: In this stage, the buyer becomes aware of a need or want. This sets in motion the rest of the journey, as the buyer now moves forward in the interest of resolving this newly identified issue.
  2. Consideration Stage: This stage involves the buyer successfully defining their issue and seeking out a sufficient way to handle it. More intense research occurs in this stage, as the buyer is analyzing various ways to approach their problem and what their most worthwhile solution may be.
  3. Decision Stage: With this final stage, the buyer has narrowed down their approach and is working to decisively select where they will make their purchase.

Successfully understanding the Buyer’s Journey allows you to meet your potential customer at every step, keeping the focus on your brand and ushering them further along until they become a satisfied customer for your business. So, with these steps identified, let’s discuss how you can leverage this knowledge for a successful content marketing plan.

How do you position yourself in each phase of the Buyer’s Journey?

It is important to plan for how you want your business to approach marketing and content production. Spending time and money on efforts without a clear and defined end goal can leave your business struggling to attract new buyers and facing stagnant growth. 

In the pursuit of boosting your business growth potential, you must mount a strong and competent content strategy to channel new customers into your business. To help conceptualize a strong content strategy let’s identify some marketing stages that can apply directly to the Buyer’s Journey mentioned earlier.

Attract Stage 

In this stage, your marketing strategy should focus on casting a wide net, enticing a wide variety of customers who may just be identifying their issues and are looking for sources to help inform and define their problems. 

Your content here should focus on educational and informative formats, like blog posts, social media content, eBooks, and SEO content. These are useful endeavors, since they fit the function of attracting unsure and unaware buyers, and moving them further along their buyer’s journey with new information.

Engage Stage 

The focus of this stage should be on moving your business offerings more to the forefront and positioning yourself as a possible and worthy solution to the buyer’s issue. With content formats like email marketing and continued social media outreach among other pursuits, this stage of your content strategy should focus on intensifying the profile of your business in the buyer’s mind. Mention how you stand out from competitors, identify why your brand is the ideal (or perhaps unideal) option for them.

Delight Stage 

The final stage of this content strategy is not a hard stop or end to your marketing efforts. This stage focuses on providing a memorable and satisfying customer experience even after the purchase decision is made. The purchase decision for the buyer is made in this stage, so emphasize why your business is the place they should come and keep returning to.

Further email marketing, retargeting, loyalty programs for returning customers, trial offerings, and coupons are all ideas that may endear potential customers to your business or keep existing customers coming back. 

What is the importance of the Buyer’s Journey for growing your business?

Understanding the inner workings of the Buyer’s Journey, having clear insight into the mind of your potential customer, and building your content strategy around that knowledge is invaluable to developing a content strategy that enables sustained growth for your business. 

These ideas have served us well as a Chattanooga HubSpot Agency and should be able to be adopted by any business to achieve results. Every business situation differs a little from another, so identify the most effective way you can apply these philosophies in your unique business scenario.

Want to talk more about creating or refining a buyer’s journey for your company? Click here.


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