How to Create a Campaign in HubSpot (Video)

Create a campaign in hubspot

Written by

Good Team

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September 7, 2022

Learn how to Create a Campaign in HubSpot

If you need a quick tutorial on how to set up campaigns, this one’s for you!

Here are the step to Create a campaign in HubSpot:

1. Marketing

2. Campaign

3. Create Campaign

4. Add Assets (attribution reporting tool for non-HubSpot assets)

5. Track Your Campaign with Reporting

That’s it! Now you know how to create a campaign in HubSpot!

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If you aren’t able to watch How to Create a Campaign in HubSpot, read the captions here:

Hello this is Frances
from good team.

And I’m going to show
you today how to create a campaign in HubSpot. I’m not going to go into
a whole lot of detail here because the video
would be 37 minutes long. That’s I guess I don’t know,
actually would be 37 minutes.

But I’m just going to show you
how to navigate to campaigns, how to create campaigns and
how to add assets to campaigns. So if you’re on your
homepage and you navigate to Marketing
and campaigns. What you’re going to do
is click Create Campaign. Name your campaign.

You can assign it. You can select dates that
you’d be tracking the campaign. You can categorize it by color. Set a goal audience and
budget and add notes here. Those will all show up here
on the high level view.

Once you create a
campaign, then it’ll take you into adding assets. We’ll use this one as an
example test campaign. So you can see here
nothing is happening until you add an asset. That is how HubSpot tracks.

And if you want
to understand how to make a non HubSpot asset,
a HubSpot readable asset. So HubSpot sees something like
landing page as HubSpot landing page.

There is an attribution
reporting tool for certain levels of
subscription for HubSpot that you can actually
add a HubSpot attribution code to something like a
WordPress blog, landing page, etc., so
that you can track something outside of HubSpot. And HubSpot is able
to read it, read that asset within a campaign. Just a side note, if you want to
go down the rabbit rabbit hole.

So for assets that are already
in your HubSpot account, what you’re going to
do is you’re going to add those assets
in your blog post called action email forms,
landing page, social cyclist, website, pages and workflows. Again, blog post called action
landing pages, website pages. Those are all.

If you are hosted on a
non HubSpot platform, HubSpot will not be
able to read those. It has to be a HubSpot
specific asset. So you can get a
little creative there if you need to work around. But for this example, we’re
going to track a form.

So all you have to do is
select whatever asset you want to track. And click Save. And you’ll see that those
forms will appear down below. Same thing with any
assets that you add.

So as a campaign
progresses, what will happen is you’ll begin to
see contacts that are interacting with
those forms, what they did with the form.

And as they convert,
you’ll be able to see what revenue attributed to
this form of this email. It’s called action. So it’s a great internal tool
for marketing sales teams to be able to say what
attributed to what attributions were contributing to success.

So that’s a high level
view of campaigns. There’s a whole lot
more that could be done, could be done here. Like UTM codes are
created through campaigns.

Using static lists
is a great way to track contact conversion
and lifecycle stages. But objectively, if you’re just
trying to track the high level. Contact user journey.

This is a great way to do
that for internal reasons, for external reasons, if
you have to send reports to bosses or clients.

I would recommend using
reporting dashboards for that and building out reports
depending on what you need. So that’s how you build
out a campaign in HubSpot.

Thank you.

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