How to Create an A/B Test in HubSpot (Video)

A B Test in HubSpot

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Good Team

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September 14, 2022

How to Create an A/B Test in HubSpot

Marketing is all about data. And the best way to learn about that data and how it’s working for your marketing campaigns is to set up an A/B test in HubSpot. Without it, we are throwing money into a dark closet and hoping we will see some return.

Watch this video to learn how to set up an A/B Test in HubSpot.

Here are the steps to create an A/B test in HubSpot:

1. Marketing

2. Email

3. Regular

4. Choose Template

5. Settings

6. Enter Subject Line

7. A/B Test

8. Name Email

7. Test Subject Line

8. Review and Publish


That’s it! Now you know how to A/B Test in HubSpot!

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Aren’t able to watch How to Create an A/B Test in HubSpot? Read the Captions here:

Hey, it’s Adrian
from a good team. So today we’re going to
talk about A/B testing for emails, specifically
subject lines.

So the reason you would want
to do this is just to make sure that whatever you’re
putting out there, whatever content
you’re creating, is actually the
best that it can be and also that you can continue
to improve upon your content.

So instead of just creating
something that sounds good and putting it out
into the world, hoping that it
will do well, this is a good way for
you to know for sure that whatever you’re
creating is doing well and that you can
always improve upon it.

So how you do that
is right now we’re on the home page
or the dashboard. You’re probably going to
look different than mine. But just go to
marketing and email.

And then if this is
your first email, you’re going to create email. So there’s a couple
of different options. What I like to use is either
the regular automated. So right now we’re just going
to do the regular email. And then you can choose from
a bunch of different templates here.

We’re just going to start
with a welcome email, obviously edit
whatever you need to or if you have one
that’s already created, you can do that there.

Great so for an A/B test, we’re
going to test the subject line. So for the subject line after
hitting settings here just to welcome. And then to create A/B test. So this is the
first email we want to create a second one
to test against it. We’re going to walk on a. And then I usually
like to copy and paste just so everything is
clean for reporting me.

So for this type of
email, the first. So this email is sent
out to your list. So the first A/B tests
are going to be sent out to the first 25% of your list. And then whoever wins
off of that is sorry, a is sent to the first 25,
be sent to the first 25.

And then out of
those, the winner. is sent to the second
50% of your list. So you can adjust this. So if you have a
really large list, you can make this
number a lot smaller.

Obviously, like 10%
of 1,000 people, it’s going to be different
than 10% of 100 people. So the more people you have,
probably the smaller number you want to be sent. So that the winning
version gets sent to the majority of your
people, if that makes sense.

Cool So the winning metric is
either going to be open right or click through right. Open rate is usually
what I test for if I’m doing just the subject
line just to see, because the subject line is
the first thing that people see obviously before
they open an email.

So that’s kind of
what we want to track. And then for ours, just leave
that and then create test. OK and now at the top
you can see Welcome there’s two different emails. So the first one is going
to be our test email. So it’s our control group. So you don’t touch
anything with it.

Obviously you want to have
a control and then a test. So the control is and then the
test is B. So all I want to do is test the subject line. So you leave the email
the same go to Settings. And then what I like
to do is usually either test a personalized token
or some kind of emoji.

Studies show that if you have
some kind of personalization or emoji, that emails do better. But it’s always good to
test, especially for emojis. Maybe if you’re more
serious company, maybe they won’t do
as well as a company that maybe is more playful.

It really just depends
on what kind of emails you’re sending out. Really cool. So I did an emoji. And then we hit Save. And then all you have to
do is review and publish. So that’s it.

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