How to create a CTA in HubSpot

create a CTA

Written by

Frances Neese

Created on

March 31, 2023

How to create a CTA in HubSpot

Here are the steps to create a CTA in HubSpot

  1. Go to marketing
  2. Lead Capture
  3. Call to Action
  4. Create CTA
  5. Simple CTA and select a campaign


 That’s it! Now you know how to create a CTA in HubSpot!


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 Aren’t able to watch create a CTA in HubSpot? Read the Captions here:

Hey, I’m Adrienne
from good team.
So today I’m going to
show you how to create
a call to action in HubSpot.
So the cool thing about HubSpot
is everything is all in one.
So wherever you want to use your
call to action, whether that
be an email landing page or
just your general website,
it’s going to be able to track.
So how you do that is
go to your dashboard
and then go to marketing, lead,
capture and call to Actions
So if you’ve never
created a call to action,
obviously this is
going to be blank.
This is what I did
earlier, and I’m just going
to show you how to do this one.
So go to create.
Here’s a language that you
want to use on your button that
will show up.
So whatever you’re
doing, if you want
people to download
something, book a meeting,
maybe call now
something like that
and make sure it’s
very straightforward.
So that people aren’t
confused on why
they’re clicking that button.
So for us, we’re just
going to say book meeting.
And here you put in your colors.
So make sure that it’s
your branded color.
If you’re using a
WordPress website,
make sure that it is the same
color on each your HubSpot
and your WordPress.
So that way when somebody
sees your call to action,
they’re not like,
oh, that’s obviously
from a different platform
because it’s a different color,
it’s a different shape
or something like that.
Make sure that everything
is cohesive, basically.
So use the color here and
then this is more for you.
Want all of your buttons to
look the same, basically.
I mean, it’s kind
of a no brainer,
but if you’re using buttons
on just your HubSpot platform,
maybe you have your website
and everything on HubSpot.
That’s awesome.
Or maybe you have again,
a WordPress website.
Make sure that it
does look the same.
So if you’re on HubSpot and
you want to do something crazy,
you can do corduroy.
You can do a padded brush.
There’s a bunch of them.
But if maybe you’re
using just WordPress,
probably the simple
version is for you.
And then here you can
even do different potting.
Left to right.
Top to bottom.
If you’re more advanced.
Or maybe you have some
advanced code here
and they can go to naming
that called action.
So you want to make sure that
whatever name you give it,
you know exactly what it’s for.
So for us, we’re just going to
say, meaning October 20, 22.
So whenever somebody clicks
on that called action,
we’re going to get data.
And I know for a fact that
it’s coming in October 2020
to do the worst part would be
to name it something that you
don’t really know what it’s for
or to know when to just make
it very clear I can’t express
that enough or else that data
doesn’t matter because you
don’t know where it’s from.
And then for us, we’re going to
do an external watch that you
wrote, but maybe you have a
blog post on your website,
or maybe it’s a meeting link or
an email address, phone number,
all that kind of stuff.
So just make sure you choose
the right one for you.
So contact us for good
team entry URL here
and then here you’re going
to select a campaign.
So a campaign is
basically you’re
tracking all of your
marketing efforts
for someone to take one action.
all of these efforts
are pushing someone
to take an action.
So if you want them to maybe
download an e-book or book
a meeting, make a phone call.
If you have a 20% off
campaign, just make sure
that you create that campaign.
And then every time you
create another asset,
make sure it’s
within that campaign.
So again, whenever
somebody takes an action
or if something’s
working, it’s attribute it
to the right campaign.
So when you’re doing your
report, all of your information
is right.
It’s everything’s pointing
to the correct place
that makes sense.
So for us, we’re just
going to say product launch
and then you hit Save.
And that’s it.
So that’s how you
create a call to action.
And I hope that helped.
And if you have any questions,
leave a comment down below.

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