How to Set Default Properties for Contact Records in HubSpot (Video)

Set Default Properties for Contact Records in HubSpot

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Good Team

Created on

August 2, 2022

How to Set Default Properties for Contact Records in HubSpot

If you constantly work within contact (or any object) records, this is a must-do. You can edit the panels to show the properties that you need to see. Don’t care about their phone number? You can remove that. Want to create and set default properties for contact records in HubSpot? You can do that.

If you haven’t yet, you should also be creating custom properties in your HubSpot portal so that the data you are gathering is unique to your business, prospects, and customers. We’ve created a few videos on how to do that, so make sure to check those out as well.

Here are the steps to set default properties for contact records in HubSpot:

  1. Contacts
  2. Choose contact to edit
  3. Edit pannel
  4. View all properties
  5. Set default properties
  6. Select custom property
  7. Save

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If you aren’t able to watch how to set default properties for contact records in HubSpot, read the captions here:

Hello I’m Frances
from good team, and I’m going to show you
how to edit the default view on the properties
for contact records.

This also works for deal
records or any other record type that you might be editing
on company record as well. So if you navigate
over to your contacts. Choose a contact to edit. You can go in through the
properties and settings as well.

But what we’re going to be
editing here is this panel. Let’s say we have a custom
property that we’ve created and we want it to show up by
default on all user accounts, always on the contact records. What you’re going to do is
click View All properties.

And then it says you may
set the default properties all users will see in settings. So you click this link. You can also, like I
said, you could also get here by going to the
properties under Settings.

So here’s where you’ll
see all the properties that you’ve created and you
can search anything that. Is has been created
under your properties. So in one of our other videos
we created this custom property called custom lead source.

So I want to add that to
be visible to all contact properties, make sure whatever
you want to add is checked. And then we’re going to say.

There it is. Custom lead source. So we can move that anywhere to
appear anywhere on the record. So let’s say I want it to be the
first thing that pops up even above the email.

You can drag and drop it
there and then click Save. And what should happen is when
you go back to the Contact. There you go.

You can see custom made
sauce appears there. So again, that was
for any record type. So you can edit any
properties to be viewed.

Something else is you’ve got
these different categories, so that’s how you set the
categories in your view. So you can add custom
categories as well. That is how you edit the
custom the properties view by default on a contact.

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