How to add live chat to your website in HubSpot

Live chat in HubSpot

Written by

Frances Neese

Created on

February 27, 2023

How to add live chat to your website in HubSpot


Here are the steps to add a live chat to your website in HubSpot

  1. Create chatflow
  2. Customize colors of chat
  3. Chat heading and welcome message
  4. Chat availability


 That’s it! Now you know how to add a live chat to your website in HubSpot!


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 Aren’t able to watch How to add a live chat to your website in HubSpot? Read the Captions here:

OK hey, I’m Adrienne from the
So I’m going to
show you how to add
a live chat to your website.
Pretty simple.

So if you go into
your dashboard
yours might look
different than mine. And that’s OK.

I’ll just go over to
conversations here.
Chuck close.
So we want to add
it to the website.
So we’re just going to click
chat, create chat flow again, just the website setup chat.

Here you can customize
the colors of your chart.
So add in your customized
colors for your website.
Or if you don’t
have any in mind,
you can click on one of these
guys and then click Next.
Here’s where you can
customize who is talking to the person in the chat. So if you have
specific team members
or if you want a
custom name, an avatar,
if you just want to make it
general or the whole website,
or if you have a
specific person in mind,
here’s where you can
customize your message,
where you can automatically
from conversations or not
to certain people maybe have
one designate as sales person,
you always want that
to go to that person
or something like that. And then here’s if you want the
window to pop open as a prompt.
So when somebody comes to your
website and just automatically pops up.

Here’s when you
can customize when
you want the chat to pop up.
So it is based on whether that
one salesperson is available
or not, or if it’s during work
hours or if you want it open.
24/7 Here’s where you can
make the messages customizable
available away, or maybe
outside working hours,
and you can see the previews
for tablet, desktop and mobile.
And then here’s your
code that you’re going
to install on your website.

So just take copy, select
for whatever website type,
probably going to be WordPress
unless you’re on HubSpot
or something different.

And then you can email the
tracking code to your web
developer if you
have one of those
and you don’t know how to
install those yourself.
And that’s how you do it.
All right.

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