How to verify email address from form fill in HubSpot

Verify email address hubspot

Written by

Frances Neese

Created on

August 4, 2023

How to verify email address from form fill in HubSpot


Here are the steps to verify email address from form fill in HubSpot:

  1. Go to Marketing
  2. Go to Landing Pages
  3. Check the form tools
  4. Automate form with a trigger

 That’s it! Now you know how to verify email address from form fill in HubSpot!


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 Aren’t able to watch verify email address from form fill in HubSpot? Read the Captions here:

Hey, this is Adrian
from good team.
So today I’m going to
walk you through how
to send a follow up email
after someone has filled
out a form on your website.
So why would you
want to do this?
Say that someone.
Someone gives you
their email in exchange
for something for free.
So say that you have
a form on your website
because you want to give people
a free e-book in exchange
for their email, or you
want to set up a meeting
to talk for 15 minutes for free
in exchange for their email.
So the thing about
forms on websites
is that you’ve
got a lot of spam,
whether that be from
bots or just people
sending you fake
emails in general.
So instead of
having a list with.
Thick emails and also
emails that you actually
want to send content to people
instead of having a mixture.
What you could do
is send an email
after somebody fills out the
form to see whether or not
that email is real.
So how you see that is
if the email bounces.
So say that you get an error
message, you know, for a fact
that the email is
not real and then you
can delete all the
ones that bounce
and then you’ll be left with
a really healthy email list.
So let’s do it.
So here’s your homepage.
Yours is probably different
than mine, but that’s OK.
Just go to the
marketing tab here.
Click on landing pages.
So whatever landing page is
that has your form on it,
you want to go to
that landing page.
So here’s my test landing
page that I created.
And then you’re going
to click on Form.
Scroll all the way down.
Do you want to send
up a follow up email?
Yes, you do.
So go to Forms tool.
So this is how we are
going to automatically send
that follow up emails.
It’s by creating a workflow.
So if you’re brand
new to Hubspot,
this might be a little
intimidating for you,
but I promise it’s
really simple.
So the first step is to have
a trigger, and for this step
it’s for submission.
So that means when someone
puts their email in
and they hit submit,
that’s the first trigger.
And then the second step
is to create a new action.
And for us, that is
to send an email.
So if you’ve been
doing this for a while,
you probably have email setups.
You can choose from those
here, or if you haven’t, you’re
going to want to
create a new email.
So go over here and
create a new email.
Email name.
We’re going to name it.
Thank you.
From me, for you.
I choose your email and then
this is your subject line.
So just hit thank you and then
you can personalize it here.
So thank you for your interest.
Your content is on.
OK and then you’re going
to choose a Footer,
so you’re going to have
to set this up yourself.
But it’s basically any
kind of information
you want for them to
get in contact with you.
So whether that be your business
address, your phone number
or something like that,
it’s just whatever you want
and then save email.
And then it should
be selected here.
Just double check
that and hit Save.
So now after someone fills
out that form hit submit,
they’re automatically going to
get that email you just set up.
So the last step is to hit on.
You set this workflow
to on the automation
will start as soon as
you publish your form.
Got it.
And that’s it.
Great if you have any questions,
leave a comment down below
or you can get in
touch with this team.
So thank you.

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