How to create an email template in HubSpot

Email template in hubspot

Written by

Frances Neese

Created on

April 21, 2023

How to create an email template in HubSpot

Here are the steps to create an email template in HubSpot:

  1. Go to Marketing
  2. Email
  3. Create email
  4. Choose type
  5. Select a template
  6. Building landing page
  7. Email settings


 That’s it! Now you know how to create an email template in HubSpot!


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Aren’t able to watch How to create an email template in HubSpot? Read the Captions here:

Hey, I’m Adrienne
from good team.
And today I’m going
to show you how
to create an email in HubSpot.
So the first thing you do is
go up here and click email.
And then if you don’t
have any emails created,
this is going to be blank.
The first thing you do is go
to the orange, create email.
So you have three
types of emails.
You have regular,
automated and blog regular.
Just a regular email I’m going
to send out maybe one time.
Automated is if you’re
using a workflow
and it goes out
into your automation
and then if you want to
create an email with a blog,
you can use this.
So let’s just create
a regular email.
So with HubSpot it was really
cool is that they already
have a lot of
templates made for you.
So if you just want a basic
email that looks like it just
came from your own
email account and not
something super fancy, you
can go with the basic versions
up here if you have an
announcement, email or event
invitation newsletter,
all of these,
you can kind of read
these, but there’s
a lot that look really fancy.
So if that’s your thing,
maybe choose one of these.
What’s really cool is that
you can customize these too.
So maybe if we
choose announcement.
If you’ve ever built a
landing page or a website
within Hubspot, you should
be pretty familiar with this,
or even in WordPress
or another platform.
Everything is pretty universal.
You choose an image
you can drag and drop.
And then browse select
your images you can undo.
If you have certain
colors for your website,
you can change the
background color.
You can change the button
video, social and design.
Here’s where you change
the background color.
You can change your entire
brand, so make your brand kit.
So if you have your colors
and your font and everything,
you can go in here and
it should automatically
adjust your template or
you can go in individually
and change the color here.
Textiles all that jazz.
And then you can
also add, obviously,
individual images
and your own text
here just by
clicking and typing.
Yeah, it’s really cool.
You can do a lot with emails
and it’s super important
to make them personalized so you
can add insert personalization
So it’ll add either their
first name, last name.
Something about them maybe
that or you want to target.
So a lot can happen
within these emails and.
So you can review
and then send people
that you want within
the subject line.
So just going into
Settings here.
So it comes from you and your
email subject line surprise.
Their prize.
And then you can add
maybe the first name.
Preview the text.
You can send your
schedule, your email,
pick you want to send it to.
You don’t want to send it to.
So maybe you have people
maybe this an announcement
for a discount that are
only for new customers.
So you only want to
send it to New customers
and not send it to
existing customers.
So that’s something you can do.
And then you can also
put them into automation
from a regular email too.
It’s just an extra
step where you
have to choose the automation.
And then hit Review
and send and that’s it.

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